I’m honoured, thrilled and really humbled to have received local food hero for Sligo and Connaught recently at the prestigious restaurant awards in the Raddison Blu.
Thank you to everyone who continually supports me and my ethos and who tirelessly promotes Sligo and Ireland as a food destination.
Our amazing food story is recognised throughout the world as it should be. We are changing evolving and getting better and better. I am really grateful and proud to receive the recognition which means so much.

We have the finest freshest produce in diary fish meat and vegetables and amazing small local suppliers who passionately deliver this to our restaurants and industry every day . I’ll keep telling this story for them at every available chance . The Local Food Hero award recognises individuals that promote food culture in their area and inspire people to get involved with food. They may be actively encouraging the restaurants to use local produce, or perhaps they are working to attract food tourists by creating food trails and markets. Or maybe they produce the finest quality ingredients.

I am delighted to be considered a WILD ATLANTIC WAY Food Hero!