ERIN LINDSAY from Image Magazine enjoyed our Taste of Sligo food tour and shared her experience.
“The tour, for a very reasonable €55 per person, brings tourists and food-lovers alike on a tour of Sligo and more, importantly, of its food. Patrons are brought around the town, sampling the freshest local delights from the Wild Atlantic Way, while joining in on Gray’s enthusiasm as he shares his knowledge of the local cuisine.

Some of our favourite bites on the menu included a comforting batch of fish and chips; a fruity IPA from local brewery Lough Gill; award-winning chocolates from local bakery Le Fournil (which wouldn’t look out of place as a backdrop in Amélie) and a well-deserved pint in the oldest pub in the city, Thomas Connolly’s.

The biggest plus
The pull here, though, is not the food (although it is delicious) — it’s the community. Every step of the way, Gray’s genuine relationship with local producers is clear, and it makes the food taste that much better knowing it’s been farmed, fished and made with love for the city. Being a Dublin native, and having every option of fast food and mass-produced grub on my doorstep means I often overlook the local, and often much tastier alternatives.

Sligo, with the help of those like Gray, does not have that problem. At every pitstop, I savoured the samples and knowing the story behind them left a sweeter aftertaste — even with the oysters (of which, I’ll confess, I’m still not the biggest fan).”