Val Robus of Magnum Lady Blog and Sligo Hub joined us on our Taste of Sligo Food Tour and shared her experience..

“The difference with the Taste of Sligo Food Tour is that it changes each time it brings you on a culinary tasting, which is unique and changes the experience on each tour. With this tour you will discover lively locals in a vibrant neighbourhood with a rich cultural and architectural heritage. You and your friends will embark on 2.5 hour tour of Sligo‚Äôs finest gastronomy establishments in the heart of the town. You will have the opportunity to discover both the local inspired dishes as well as the myriad of local delights including desserts, local craft beers and foods from the West of Ireland. Indulge in the freshest, local oysters, which are all included on the tour.
With this tour you will leave with a stomach full of traditional food, plus local knowledge and sightseeing tips, to enhance the pleasure. This will stay in your memory forever”

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